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Elevate Your Space with Our Proficient Framing Solutions

Framing transcends the realm of mere construction; it’s the art of sculpting spaces into enduring masterpieces. Whether you are embarking on a new construction, revitalizing an existing space, or contemplating an interior upgrade, framing holds the key to shaping the layout, structure, and aesthetic of your environment. SMA Painting & Renovations emerges as your trusted ally for framing services, merging skillful craftsmanship with an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a dedication to personalized service and a diverse array of framing solutions, we are poised to help you elevate your residential or commercial space.

The Importance of Expert Framing

Framing serves as the backbone of any architectural or interior design endeavor. Here’s why professional framing stands out as pivotal:

Our Comprehensive Framing Services

SMA Painting and Renovation extends a broad spectrum of framing services tailored to meet your specific requirements and preferences. Our seasoned team is steadfast in delivering framing solutions that seamlessly integrate functionality, design, and quality.

Residential framing

Residential Framing

Whether you plan for a new home construction or a residential renovation, our framing services provide the foundational support needed to materialize your dream abode.

commercial framing

Commercial Framing

Our framing solutions extend to commercial spaces, ensuring that your office, retail outlet, or hospitality project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally robust.

Interior framing

Interior Framing

Our interior framing services encompass framing for walls, ceilings, archways, and more, enabling you to sculpt versatile spaces aligned with your design vision for your dream home.

Exterior framing

Exterior Framing

We offer framing for exterior features such as decks, patios, and pergolas, enhancing your outdoor living areas. It is the construction of structural framework of a building's exterior walls and roof.

Specialty framing

Specialty Framing

Whether you are looking for a custom-built fireplace surround, intricate cabinetry, or distinctive architectural elements, our specialty framing services can turn your vision into reality.

Our Framing Process

Our framing process is characterized by precision and efficiency, guaranteeing that your space is constructed to the highest standards:



We embark on a comprehensive consultation to fathom your project objectives, budget, and design vision. We extend expert guidance to assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding your framing needs.

Home blueprint

Design and Blueprint

Our team collaborates closely with architects and designers to devise a framing plan in perfect sync with your project's specifications. We meticulously consider structural requisites, layout, and design aesthetics.


Material Selection

Our expertise team fastidiously opt for materials that harmonize with your dream project's needs, selecting high-caliber lumber, steel, or other framing materials known for their strength and durability.


Precise Framing

Our proficient craftsmen execute framing with meticulous precision, ensuring alignment with structural and design prerequisites. We employ cutting-edge techniques and equipment to attain utmost accuracy.

Quality assurance

Inspection and Quality Assurance

To provide a homogeneous and smooth surface, we sand the drywall following the taping and mudding process. To get the desired aesthetic, we then add finishes like paint or wallpaper.


Integration with Other Trades

Our team collaborate seamlessly with other trades, including plumbing and electrical, to guarantee seamless integration of all components within the framing structure.

cleaning and inspection

Finishing touches

We culminate the framing with finishing touches that amplify the aesthetics and functionality of your space. This may encompass the installation of drywall , insulation, or bespoke architectural features.

Framing constitutes the canvas upon which your architectural and interior design dreams unfurl. SMA Painting & Renovations stands as your steadfast ally for framing services, offering proficiency, craftsmanship, and a tailored approach to meet the unique requirements of your project. Whether you are embarking on a new construction, revamping your existing space, or venturing into a commercial project, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and embark on the journey of enhancing the functionality and design of your space. Entrust SMA Painting & Renovations to be your unwavering companion in actualizing the full potential of your project through our expert framing services.

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